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Our blogs give you all the information you may need on residential and corporate security services.


The security sector offers lots of different services that may not be familiar to everyone, so we want to give all the information you may need on security-based topics.


Keyholding is one of those words that are bandied around without people truly understanding what
they mean.

Summer Holiday

The sun is out, Covid restrictions are all but a distant memory and many of us are enjoying or looking
forward to a hard-earned summer break in which to enjoy some much-needed R&R.

Incident Response

If you’re wondering about how best to safeguard your business premises and assets, one thing you
may not have considered is a 24-hour security monitoring service. But it could bring you a number of
benefits, including great reassurance.

Incident Response

At DGCS we have a fully trained, uniformed, licensed and equipped team ready to deal with incidents such as fires, burglary's or contacting the emergency services such as the police.

First aid event medics

Book our event medics service and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that if someone needs it, there’ll be immediate, experienced medical help available, provided in close collaboration with our on-site security team. We’ll also help you plan medical cover and assess risk to discover what kind of support you require.

Private home security

Nothing beats having the peace of mind that you have a professional security team looking after your home. Having private security means you'll have all security measures put in place at all times not just when you're away.

Keeping domestic property secure

Keeping your home secure whilst you're away is something that is a frequent worry. At DGCS we offer a range of services to keep your residential property secure.

Commercial property security

For any business, the main crimes most likely to affect your premises include vandalism, arson and theft. But having the right security measures in place minimises these potential threats and their possible impact in terms of financial cost and business disruption.

In truth, there is no single solution to site security. It’s up to each organisation to identify the specific threats it faces, and to decide on the appropriate measures to take.