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Our blogs give you all the information you may need on residential and corporate security services.


The security sector offers lots of different services that may not be familiar to everyone, so we want to give all the information you may need on security-based topics.

overnight office security

Overnight protection for your premises is something worth investing in considering the prime time for burglaries is over night. Having a security team monitor and protect your premises can put your mind at ease.


When deciding on which security company you want to protect your business there are a lot of important factors that you need to bare in mind, as after all you want a high-quality security plan.

Antisocial behaviour prevention

Anti-social behaviour can often be disruptive and can cause harm and stress to individuals. Security companies such as DGCS can help protect individuals with community patrols that prevent anti-social behaviour in communities.

welfare checks

At DGCS we carry out welfare checks to alleviate police officers time when it comes to protecting those in their home or in a public place. We carry out assessments and checks for vulnerable people and to protect the community.

Residential security

When hiring a security company for your home it's important that you do your research and checks around the company. DGCS offer various benefits when looking after your home, including around-the-clock protection.

Event security

Having a security team at major events is really important to keep everyone protected and to give people ease of mine. Event security teams can also help make sure the day goes smoothly.

home alarm system

Adding extra security to your home can give you the piece of mind when you go away or whilst you're at work. DGCS can monitor your alarm system and are available on call out if the alarm goes off.

Community Safety

At DGCS we can help keep public grounds safe when they aren't open, preventing anti-social behaviour and unwanted trespassers. We have worked with a number of councils to ensure that our services keep places such as country parks safe.

Millwall Football Club

DGCS are thrilled to be advertising their services at the Millwall VS Watford game being held at The Den Stadium on Wednesday 19th October.

Hampshire security

With Hampshire being one of the most popular counties it's understandable that people may want to know what the crime rates are like and whether they may need to protect their home or business.