K9 Security Guard Dogs

k9 Hero

A K9 security service is an effective addition to any security setup, acting as both a means of detection and a visual deterrent. Canine security handling units prove a useful asset in high risk situations.

Our K9 dog security units are best used for protection in scenarios where security guards alone may not be enough to discourage criminal activity, or where a team of security guards might find themselves outnumbered, such as at events or for crowd control.

DGCS K9 security can also provide another level of safeguarding for any property or site. Our security dogs work with our SIA licenced handlers to perform building searches, protect clients and their assets or to track intruders. DGCS Security dogs are trained to defend their handler and display controlled aggression when necessary but are entirely safe with members of the public. After a full perimeter search our dogs are trained to indicate to the dog handler the presence of potential intruders. If a dog locks onto the scent of an intruder there really is nowhere to hide.

Our DGCS control centre is active 24 hours a day so that a K9 protection dogs unit can be deployed quickly and effectively.