Mobile Patrols

in Surrey, Hampshire & London

Mobile patrols are a commonly-used service designed to protect properties and land across a range of sectors. This service can protect empty properties and businesses, building sites and even event sites - offering a sense of security and a deterrent against crime. With DGCS Patrol Officers you have visible professional security.

DGCS Patrol Officers have the ability to move around and monitor your home or businesses using our highly visible branded patrol vehicles, our mobile patrols can deliver security that goes beyond one fixed location.

An excellent option for those who do not require a continuous guarding presence, our Patrol Officers make regular, random-pattern monitoring of your premises, as well as the surrounding area. The Patrol Officers will take action in the case of any security breach, and provide you with a full and detailed report at the end of each pass.

While CCTV offers some protection against burglary and vandalism, our flexible patrol services provide a reliable and cost-effective way to prevent your residence or business from being a temptation for criminals.

How Does It Work?

  1. Our professional security guards carry out random patrols of your premises throughout the time periods pre-agreed with yourself.
  3. Our team will perform a comprehensive check of every area of your property, performing actions as necessary, including:
    • Setting alarms
    • Checking that doors and windows are locked and secure
    • Checking for signs of break-in, theft or damage
    • Checking that equipment and lights are switched off
  5. We fill out a full report after each patrol to notify you of any necessary information and action we have taken. If police intervention is required we can call the police on your behalf and notify you immediately.
  7. Our fully licensed Security Industry Authority (SIA) guards are on hand and available to attend both agreed patrols and emergencies, ensuring that your premises are kept safe, and you and your team can avoid dangerous situations.

Want to know more about our mobile security patrol services? Contact us on 0208 0501 911

We are also very pleased to offer:

  • Agricultural and Rural settings
  • Alarm Response
  • Depot Security
  • Car Park Security
  • Incident Response
  • K9 Security
  • Key Holding
  • Manned Guarding
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Retail Security
  • Town Centre Patrols
  • Event Security
  • Residential Security