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If your organisation doesn’t already have an incident response plan in place, now is the time to produce one. Don’t wait until an emergency happens before you start to think about how you would deal with it. Equally, don’t believe that the worst won’t happen to you – unfortunately, while most risks are highly manageable, it just might.

An incident response plan identifies the various potential sudden or unexpected events which could threaten the ability of your business to function as normal, and will minimise the impact of an unexpected incident, while helping maintain business continuity. And as well as lessening the prospect of injury, an emergency plan can also reduce potential damage to buildings, stock and equipment.

Additionally, an emergency response plan helps create a safe working environment for staff.  It also needs to take into account anything that could come your way, so should encompass just about any eventuality you can think of.

What should an incident response plan cover?

When you think of emergency response, your first thought may be of cyber threats. Unfortunately, that’s not the only risk your business faces. Others range from natural disasters such as floods and fires (although of course the latter can be deliberate as well), burglary and even violence. (Although the last threat is rare, it’s still possible and does happen, whether staff members are in disagreement with each other or you’re dealing with a disgruntled former employee. And, clearly, even the threat of violence can be serious enough.)

What can a security team do in the event of an urgent incident?

You may think you have the capacity to handle an emergency yourselves in-house. But there are significant benefits to hiring a security company to respond. And they will do a lot more than merely providing a keyholder or alarm response service.

Whatever the situation, they will have experienced something similar before. So you can rely on them to:

  1. Take charge of the situation immediately
  2. Have the training and expertise necessary to know what to do quickly, and how to respond safely and promptly
  3. Know when to report an incident to an emergency service such as the fire brigade or police

Incident response from DGCS

At DGCS, we provide incident response and emergency cover for all the eventualities listed above, and more. Our customers rely on us to respond calmly, quickly and effectively 24/7, whatever the situation. You can expect our uniformed, licensed, trained, qualified and equipped staff to turn up in minutes to deal with the incident, whatever form that may have taken, and whether anyone from your business was on-site at the time or not. We’ll be ready to respond when you need us.

We operate across London, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. And, as that insurance firm TV ad used to say in the 1980s, we won’t make a drama out of a crisis, however unpredicted or problematic the incident is.

Contact us at DGCS for our incident response services.

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