Why you need security for film and TV sets

Film and TV set security

Film and TV sets can be busy, even sometimes chaotic places, with hundreds of people working together to tight deadlines create memorable projects. They’re also potentially more hazardous than you may have realised, with on-set injuries not uncommon.

Equipment and props can be heavy, electrocution is not unheard of and there are trip hazards from wires and cables, not to mention the potential hazard of falling items, pyrotechnics and vehicle crashes.

So cast and crew need to feel safe when they’re working if they’re to give their best to a production. Equally, filming equipment is generally expensive, so another potential security threat is the theft of valuable kit or props, either to sell on or as a souvenir by over-enthusiastic fans.

And, talking of over-eager fans, no director wants anyone to see their movie or TV show before the appropriate time, for commercial and artistic reasons. So the set needs to be free from prying eyes and those who either want to catch a glimpse of their favourite star or a sneak preview of a hit TV programme or much-hyped film. Clearly, these days the nature of social media means news or photos that you may not want broadcasting can be shared in seconds. (And the list of undesirables includes journalists after a scoop, especially if an actor happens to be in the news.)

Patrolling shooting sets can be challenging; this is a specialist area of security provision requiring discretion and absolute professionalism.

Equally, there are other elements, including traffic management, close protection, mobile set patrols and risk assessment, which a professional security organisation specialising in movie and television work will understand in detail.  

The benefits of TV and movie set security

There are a number of these, including:

  1. Save money on reshoots – With good security in place, your project will get everything done with minimal takes; not only because it will be physically easier to do without disruption, but because those involved will feel happier and safer and therefore better able to give of their best.
  2. Strengthen local relationships – Most people prefer not to have screaming fans, inefficient traffic management, snoopers or paparazzi hanging around their local area – with efficient security you build stronger support from the community nearest your set.
  3. Save time – Cast and crew are there to work and so become demotivated and frustrated when there are hold-ups due to an avoidable security breach. Everyone will appreciate minimising wasted time, not least with the long days filming typically involves.
  4. Avoid spoilers – As we said, no director wants their plotline – or even on-set photos – revealed inappropriately.
  5. Safety and security of everyone on set, and blocking access to the site 24 hours to anyone who shouldn’t be there, including with mobile and canine patrols. Equally, security staff will have a good idea of when a piece of equipment may be physically unsafe, and will have First Aid training.

Talk to us

At DGCS, we have extensive experience of TV and film-set work, and of managing Covid safety in these environments. We understand the industry’s needs, and all the challenges involved. As well as providing security support, we manage traffic around sets to minimise inconvenience for local residents, and communicate with them so they understand what’s happening.

That leaves you to focus on what matters most – your creative project.

We’re well accustomed to liaising with location managers, film crews and others, and our officers have the support of a rapid-response, 24-hour control room. Get in touch about your set’s security needs today.

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