What is a mobile patrol officer?

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While most of us have a reasonable understanding of the role of security guard, the job of a mobile Patrol Officer is perhaps less well understood. But there’s far more to it than you may have realised.

A mobile Patrol Officer works as part of a team offering a vital service across a range of sectors including corporate, retail and commercial. They support other security measures, including CCTV and guarding staff, and operate 24/7.

Put simply, mobile security patrols move around a site or premises, to keep order and report any suspicious activity or behaviour. They’re especially useful on industrial and construction sites, where they can ensure security and reduce the risk of crime while also acting as a deterrent, especially overnight and during holiday periods and weekends.

Mobile patrols cover high-risk points, from windows and waste bins to gates, office blocks, vehicles and fuel dumps.

The number of officers in a patrol can range from just one to up to five per shift. Teams typically work from a highly visible branded security vehicle, fitted with a tracking system to supply important information regarding locations and time attendance. They also have onboard CCTV to record evidence of anything the mobile patrol officer has found, from security breaches to criminal damage. This monitors incidents in real time.

Here’s a bit more about what these patrols actually do:

  • Outside areas: Most of us have seen patrol officers working outside and surveying outdoor
    spaces. They serve as an effective visual deterrent to intruders. Checks may be random or
    pre-scheduled, meaning that no one can track patterns of activity.
  • Indoor patrols: These patrols also cover inside areas. Interior patrols may cover multiple
    sites or different buildings in a single location. They will search extensively, checking security
    systems and routine fire safety and removing any potential hazards. Regular reports update
    clients about what has happened and where.
  • Alarm response and key holding: As keyholder, a mobile response unit can open or close
    premises on request at any time, and store a spare set of keys safely off-site. Additionally, if
    an alarm goes off, the team will respond rapidly. Officers will establish whether it’s just a
    false alarm, and reset it if so, or identify and detain the culprits if necessary, while liaising
    with emergency services as appropriate.
  • Properly trained: A good mobile patrol unit will comprise officers trained in health and
    safety and first aid. It means they can assist in the event of an incident on your site. Equally,
    they will be able to advise on things like emergency evacuation planning, fire safety and
    health and safety plans.

How we can help

At DGCS.io, our teams provide visible, professional and cost-effective security in branded vehicles.
This is ideal if you don’t need or want a 24-hour guarding presence. We’ll agree a pattern of random
patrols with you, and take appropriate action when required. You’ll receive regular, detailed reports,
while our services stop your premises from becoming a target for criminals. What’s more, our mobile officers are all fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Talk to us today – and
let us protect your premises across London and huge swathes of southern England.

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