Private Security Has No Place In Public Spaces?

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Private security is one of the highest growth sectors in the nation and recently I have seen a post on social media with a member of the public stating that private security has no place in public spaces. This is something I don't agree with. There are always two sides to the story and I welcome your opinions…

Why private security is a positive influence in public spaces:

  1. Having security can deter antisocial behaviour with just their presence.
  2. Enable the public to feel protected.
  3. Points of contact in an emergency if police and other public services are not available.
  4. They work alongside the emergency services to ensure the best outcome of a situation.
  5. Unlike police, they can question and arrest trespassers on company private property at any time.
  6. Private security is specifically trained to protect individuals or companies.
  7. Private security is on the premises and can handle a dangerous situation before it escalates.
  8. Security guards provide excellent customer service to visitors.
  9. They deal with the security issues efficiently and quickly.
  10. They maintain the order at your workplace / site, ensuring that everyone is following the prescribed rules and regulations.

DGCS security services offer private security for all your security needs, give our team a call on  01483 904 911. Our security officers are expertly trained to protect and safeguard what you value most, while simultaneously providing outstanding customer service and communication.

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