Event Security

in Surrey, Hampshire & London

An Event Security service is key to protecting attendees, artists, staff and equipment, and ensures that the event goes off without a hitch.

At DGCS, we work closely with clients across every level of event security service planning, helping to prepare for every eventuality and making sure that the event is safe and enjoyable for all. DGCS  event securityOfficers are already active in several locations, including London, Surrey and Hampshire.

Each of our Event Security Guards are SIA licensed and fully qualified for event work, with extensive training in all areas of security and crowd control. Our Event Security Guards are uniformed and professional, providing a highly-visible point of contact for event attendees and artists, as well as a visual deterrent for crime and anti-social behaviour.

We can provide Event Security Guards for events of all sizes and descriptions, from mobile patrols at festivals or arena sites to security guards operating the door at your wedding. We carry out and provide full risk assessments in advance, manage tickets and entryways, and provide expert crowd management throughout the event.

What Can We Provide?

  • Crowd management planning and execution
  • Experienced event management and security officers
  • Detailed risk assessments
  • Health and safety assessments and first aid
  • Crisis management
  • Lost child procedures
  • Access control
  • Car park management and security
  • Licensed and unlicensed stewards
  • How Does It Work?

    1. We will work with you in advance of the event, throughout the planning stages, to ensure that security procedures are built into the event as a whole. We will help you to identify your assets, look at potential risks and hazards, and create procedures designed to aid the smooth-running of the event.
    3. Each member of our security team will arrive in uniform, and check in with your named managers or supervisors to receive their designated security post and patrol area. The entire security team will be overseen by professional management.
    5. Our event security associates will conform strictly to pre-agreed procedures in the case of emergencies or problems, and contact police if necessary.
    7. We provide a full security report at the end of the event, allowing your team to follow up on any action taken, or give more detailed reports to the police if required.

    To find out more about our event security services contact us on 0208 0501 911.

    We are also very pleased to offer:

    • Agricultural and Rural settings
    • Alarm Response
    • Depot Security
    • Car Park Security
    • Incident Response
    • K9 Security
    • Key Holding
    • Manned Guarding
    • Mobile Patrol
    • Retail Security
    • Town Centre Patrols
    • Event Security
    • Residential Security