Construction Site Security

in Surrey, Hampshire & London

Construction sites break-ins and vandalism costs the industry hundreds of millions of pounds, with plant machinery theft and damage to property causing delays to your ongoing works and schedules. Your sites are often full of tools, high value vehicles and materials without the physical infrastructure in place to protect them. This is why an added layer of security on site is so important; giving thieves a reason to think twice before attempting to infiltrate your site..

We provide a flexible programme of patrols to secure your vacant site from trespassers, both maintaining a heightened security presence, while also providing valuable peace of mind to you and your other stakeholders.

Each individual site and job is unique, offering different challenges and attributes; we adjust our means to best suit the individual task at hand, utilising a balanced approach of our own experience, with the wishes of our client. We believe cooperation and dialogue is the key to successful security (especially in the respect of peace of mind). Be it a permanent static patrol or a mobile unit attending over a short-period, DGCS have you covered.  DGCS security patrol guards are already active in several locations, including London, Surrey and Hampshire.

How Does It Work?

  1. Our site security officers are equipped with a uniform, meaning that they are instantly identifiable as both a point of contact and as security personnel. When they arrive, they will sign in and make a note of their security patrol areas and any other important information.

  2. The security officers will maintain a presence both at the required security stations and also throughout the site, doing regular patrols at various times throughout their shift.

  3. Our security officers carry and display their SIA licence at all times. They will apprehend and detain people if necessary while waiting for police to arrive, and make full reports of any incidents and give these to your named manager at the end of each shift.

  4. Our security officers work as temporary members of your own team, creating a point of contact for the public and staff members, and increasing communication between the two.

    To find out more about our site security service contact us on 0208 0501 911

    We are also very pleased to offer:

    • Agricultural and Rural settings
    • Alarm Response
    • Depot Security
    • Car Park Security
    • Incident Response
    • K9 Security
    • Key Holding
    • Manned Guarding
    • Mobile Patrol
    • Retail Security
    • Town Centre Patrols
    • Event Security
    • Residential Security