Warehouse Security

in Surrey, Hampshire & London

Managing your depot, warehouse and distribution centre is a 24/7 task. You need to ensure that goods are stored securely to avoid hazards and deter theft, as well as making sure that each area is managed effectively to prevent loss of inventory.

CCTV is a reasonably effective deterrent, but will not discourage the most tenacious of thieves, and DGCS believes that your business deserves a full-service solution to protect your property and assets.

Our dedicated depot or warehouse security service is designed with any warehouse, delivery or distribution premises in mind. We appoint highly-trained, SIA licensed security guards to work in a static and mobile capacity, monitoring entrances and checking identification to maintain total control of all access points.

Our security guards will run regular patrols throughout your premises, and can always be deployed, including outside of regular working hours, and throughout the night.

CCTV installation and monitoring ensure that every inch of your depot or warehouse is observed and recorded, providing a permanent record of who is on and offsite at any time.  DGCS security patrol guards are already active in several locations, including London, Surrey and Hampshire.

How Does It Work?

  1. We will arrange for a professional security officer to attend your premises in order to carry out a full risk assessment and health and safety check. They will make a note of entrance and exit points, any access codes, and take possession of a set of keys if necessary.
  3. Every security contractor that works for us has extensive training and an SIA licence and will arrive in full uniform ready to take their post. Security guards can perform regular stock takes and monitor deliveries, as well as keeping logbooks to record people coming in to and going out of the depot.
  5. Security guards will make regular patrols of your entire warehouse or depot, checking that the building is secure and that there are no issues. Patrols will be made at random times to ensure unpredictability, and officers are briefed to contact the emergency services if necessary. 
  7. A full report will be provided to you at the end of each shift, informing you of any points to note; any needed action is taken and followed up upon if required.

To find out more about our warehouse security services contact us on 0208 0501 911.

We are also very pleased to offer:

  • Agricultural and Rural settings
  • Alarm Response
  • Depot Security
  • Car Park Security
  • Incident Response
  • K9 Security
  • Key Holding
  • Manned Guarding
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Retail Security
  • Town Centre Patrols
  • Event Security
  • Residential Security